True to our DNA, we’re confident, capable and contemporary.

We’re not boastful, but we believe that we do know our stuff. So much so that LiquidChefs’ FAQs comprise answers only.

  • LiquidChefs works on an average of one bartender for every 30 guests.
  • We recommend an average of 1m of bar per every 30 people.
  • We suggest 4 to 5 different cocktails per function.
  • We offer pre-event tastings, so that you know what you’re in for.
  • You can order alcohol through LiquidChefs or supply it yourself.
  • Your beverage estimate works on consignment, but you only get billed on consumption, i.e., we only charge you for what you use.
  • Every function has a manager who controls stock, manages barmen and oversees support staff. He/she can run an electronic stock form to ensure that you do not exceed your beverage estimate.
  • We can provide Kosher services.
  • Each LiquidChef undergoes an intensive interview and screening programme, focused on customer experience, style bar-tending and service excellence – not to mention our unique brand of liquid DNA.