Consultancy Bar Design .

BARchitects is the combination of LiquidChefs and leading management consultants, with the aim of revolutionizing the bar consulting industry. Having worked at top domestic and international venues, we are perfectly placed to advise on everything from bar design through to high impact strategic projects.


We are different to other consulting firms in the industry, because of our people. Consulting is the business of partnering with people to achieve a final result and we know our people are the best. Our founders are management consultants, having worked at top professional services companies and for FTSE 100 firms; combined with extensive industry experience within the food and beverage industry. We are able to bring a unique set of individuals to your company, enabling any project to succeed.


Not only are our people the best; as BARchitects and LiquidChefs are central to many companies across the industry, we are privy to insider knowledge and are best placed to advise on what we’re seeing within the market and future trends.


Interested to see how BARchitects can partner with you, feel free to reach out to us for a confidential discussion.