We are sad we won't be able to meet up together in Davos this week to put into action all your meticulous planning for WEF over the last few months. Please take a moment to celebrate your hard work and we look forward to seeing you in the mountains in the summer.



the Google E&E team




35ml Vodka/ Non ABV Vodka 

15ml Lavender syrup 

50ml Lychee Juice 

1 lime wedge



In a shaker, pour 35ml Vodka, with 15ml Lavender Syrup, the juice of one lime wedge, and 50ml Lychee Juice. Fill with ice and shake hard. Fine strain into a martini glass and garnish with a lavender flower.

A LiquidChefs classic in its own right; vodka is shaken with lychee juice, lavender syrup and lime juice. Served in a martini glass with a sprig of lavender to finish.



35ml Spiced Rum/ Non ABV Rum

15ml Maple Spiced Syrup 

50ml Clementine  Juice 

15ml Lemon Juice


Peel your clementine and set aside the peel for later. In a shaker, add the whole freshly peeled clementine and 15ml Maple Spiced Syrup. Press together and add 35ml Spiced Rum and 15ml Lemon Juice. Shake hard with ice and fine strain into a rocks glass over ice. Garnish with a thin slice of the clementine peel.

Fresh clementine is pressed with maple syrup and shaken up with brandy and lemon juice. Thickened with aquafaba and served in a coupe with a clementine peel twist garnish.