London Cocktail Week

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London Cocktail Week

London Cocktail Week was an absolutely sensational experience working with Schweppes and Monin. We designed some new experiential and flavour-filled cocktails for each brand and left customers with a jaw dropping experience.

As you entered LCW the mobile Schweppes cocktail bar welcomed you into the venue and after venturing further in the Monin stand greeted you with a new range of fruit and vegetal cocktails.

London Cocktail Week was absolutely mind blowing. As soon as you walked in, the Schweppes caravan was the first stand you saw. An experience like no other, with perfect pairings, and exquisite cocktails which made you long for more.

On Friday night, the Schweppes stand was clear and known to everyone. We had our
favourite DJ Joe Lennard play some cracking tunes and the floor was packed. It was an
unforgettable night!