Montreux Wedding

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Montreux Wedding:

We were off again for a spectacular wedding in Montreux. We executed 5 unique events in 4 different areas in the hotel. We worked tirelessly with the hotel staff from Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, ensuring a smooth and high energy service.

We began the week with a welcome dinner where we served 600 cocktails and unlimited standard drinks to 300 guests. There were multiple music performances throughout the evening accompanied by some delicious canapes.

The following morning was the start of the Mehndi, where 400 guests attended for fresh pressed juices, mocktails and cocktails.

Later that evening we went into the greatest party of the week, the Sangeet. Traditionally themed around the men, this party is always the busiest evening from a bar perspective. Our team worked off a 7.5M bar that was custom fit with our equipment, ensuring a speedy service. Again, working flawlessly with the hotel staff, we served over 3,500 beverages to 450 thirsty people. There were singers, dancers, family performances and stunning décor. The guests were immersed into a world of their own!

The party didn’t stop there, all the party goers were up the next morning for the Baraat. The music kept pumping and the drinks were flowing. We had 4 different stations to keep everyone hydrated. We pressed over 500 vitamin packed juices that morning.

The final party of the weekend was the reception party. Our all-star team were serving from two bars, either side of the dance floor. Over 2,500 beverages were served that night, meaning the guests celebrated until the early hours of the next morning.