Gastech Japan – April 2017

Where: Chiba, Japan

When: April 2017 – Gastech Japan

Number of Guests: We served more than 2000 people over 4 days at the Makuhari Messe.

Brief: Sophistication and attention to detail with a touch of LiquidChefs flair. We were challenged with maintaining and servicing the conference rooms, while creating interest and footfall in the stand with our bartending presence.

Serving Japanese inspired smoothies, cocktails and batch roasted coffees. LiquidChefs served a total of 1000 coffee’s, 1200 smoothies, 1000 cocktails and 200 litres of fresh juice on tap. An amazing week and a truly out of this world experience.

The Drinks included:

Sencha Tea and Goji Berry –Pre-soaked Goji berries, in-house made sencha tea syrup, pomegranate juice, fresh raspberries and honey melon

Persimmon Kick –Chopped Persimmon, apple puree, cranberry juice and Hazelnut syrup

Japanese Bliss –Pear puree, Apple juice and Fresh ginger and cucumber and Yuzu juice

Chocolate and Miso – Almond milk and chocolate powder were spiced up with vanilla and Miso Paste

Cucumber and Green Tea-ni –Cucumber, Basil, and Ginger were pressed together with chilled green tea and shaken with gin. Served in a martini glass rimmed with caster sugar and wasabi.

Roll the dice (Spiced Pear Smash) – Pear puree, Sochu, and rum Shaken with apple juice and Shichimi (Spice Mix) Served with a cubed ice dipped in sesame seeds

Tellurian Cocktail – Whiskey, Umeshu (plum liqueur), plum bitters and honey shaken together and served with an orange twist

Yuzu and Sochu Sour – Sake, Sochu and yuzu juice were shaken with bitters and a touch of egg. Garnished with a lemon wedge and a soy sauce spray.