JP Morgan

Where: Multiple venues throughout the UK

When: 2015, 2016

Number of Guests: Public Events within Universities

Brief: In 2015, we executed 17 events at 17 universities around the UK. We worked with a fantastic company who assisted in creating an IPad app which allowed university students to hand pick the items that went into their smoothies, thus proving that this was “Their career, their way”.

We managed this by ensuring an item from each category was chosen which in turn made their smoothie. We started with the base which consisted of green apple, honeydew melon and pineapple, we then had the enhancers which consisted of the choice of, spinach, cucumber, celery and banana, the final touch was called a booster which could have been any of the following, spirulina, baobab powder, goji berry or Lucuma. Over the course of the 17 events we served around 15000 smoothies, peeled and sliced over 450 honey dew melons and 450 pineapples to name a few of the fun facts.