LiquidChefs launches food provenance application in Davos aimed at strategic partners


24 May 2022

LiquidChefs, over the years has become synonymous with a good event. In Davos, in some ways, LiquidChefs are more well known than in London. The LiquidChefs team are fun, interactive, versatile and offer something unique; which is personalising things for clients. 


LiquidChefs is a premium mobile bar company specialising in the supply of all things liquid. From the supply of coffee, smoothie, cocktail and juice bars to slick and stylish bartenders that bring unforgettable energy to events, LiquidChefs has been servicing the hospitality sector for the past 13 years. Over the past few years, the ‘all things liquid’ turned into soup, and then food catering services too. Since 2009, LiquidChefs has been a part of some of the most unforgettable events at the World Economic Forum. 


“The nature of the hospitality sector is collaborative. This collaborative understanding and approach is an integral element to creating a sustainable space for hospitality. Sustainability is an inclusive way of thinking and working that is not only environmentally focussed, but socially focussed too. We have taken this ‘radical honesty’ approach to strongly encourage some of the world’s most powerful businesses to make better decisions in the food and drink space as an act in the fight against climate change.” says Jaclyn Bedell who has been heading up the sustainability initiative at LiquidChefs. 


LiquidChefs has been focused on making decisions relating to supplier partnerships based on factors like location, farming practices, inclusivity and diversity, gender related pay, worker living wage rates, forced labour and access to unions among many other governance and environmental components too. 


“I am on a journey of learning and I am trying to make a difference with what I do. I believe sustainability is not about one big change in one big area, it’s about all of us making small changes. I am in a unique position because I am connected to all of these projects, and I have these incredible opportunities from all sorts of highly influential people. I am truly excited to be taking changes that we have been working on and implementing internally over the past couple years, and taking this approach external in a major way.” says Adam Solomon, the director of LiquidChefs.


A large part of the LiquidChefs sustainability vision is to encourage and integrate transparent supply chains into hospitality.


This week, at the World Economic forum, LiquidChefs has showcased and presented the prototype of the industry disruptive application in the hospitality lounges of big players like Google, FileCoin, Kearney and Wipro. 


The application measures the carbon footprint of all food and drinks  served in the lounges, as well as provides fully transparent supply chain tracking and full ESG data of all supply partners involved. The Davos application is the first of its kind and was presented on Monday morning in The FileCoin sanctuary space.


LiquidChefs says that they want to be a part of creating a more accessible and kinder approach to hospitality where cocktail artistry and catering services are making a positive impact. 

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Photo Credit: LittleBig