Team Building

Thinking of a fun way to entertain your clients? Or a fun way of getting your team working together?

Let LiquidChefs and all their swagger take you and your guests through an exciting roller coaster of liquid fun. Our team building cocktail making is a great way of inspiring and engaging your team or clients. LiquidChefs bartenders demonstrate this to your group in a way, location and time scale to suit you. This could be at the end of a day’s conference, as part of a break out session or a sole team-building day. We will demonstrate to your groups, small or large, how to make cocktails step by step. Giving the group the opportunity to make a variety of styles, moving from station to station, learning and mastering the skills to make some sophisticated drinks!

Once mastered, teams will be allocated to compete in a cocktail design and creativity challenge, each team creating their very own cocktail from scratch using a secret bag of ingredients…