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Where: Cannes, South of France – Cannes Castle.

Number of Guests: 800.

Brief: We had a strong team who managed the beverage side of the VICE party. Hosted on the 20th of June and set in the stunning grounds of the Cannes Castle, it was a night to remember. Intense spotlights, a thumping beat and panoramic views of the Cannes La Croisette made for an exciting build up. With 8 mobile bar units, covering 12m of bar, this event was no joke. 800 people arrived within a small-time frame, which meant the potential for massive queues. However, the quick and hard work by our dedicated team ensured that drinks were rolling all night, and people never had to wait longer than a minute or two for their drink! The ecstatic energy, high fives and flair bartending stayed strong, right up until the bar closed and doors shut at 2am. LiquidChefs certainly made the VICE party that extra bit special for the guests of VICE.