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Our Story

At our core, we are all about creating energy-infused food and drink experiences for high-end events around the world with a strong commitment to constant environmental and social improvement. We’re all about doing more with less, and we truly believe this is possible.

We take pride in sourcing our products ethically and locally whenever possible. And we’re passionate about inspiring our clients and partners to join us in building a more responsible future. We are experts at creating dynamic solutions that truly connect people with the brands they love, without sacrificing our social responsibilities.

We are not afraid of change – in fact, we embrace it! We thrive in the midst of organised chaos, and we are always ready to adapt to any situation. But most importantly, we are a family. We work together as a team, supporting and empowering each other every step of the way.

What we value


More teamwork, less individualism.


More inclusivity, less exclusivity.


More responsibility, less evasion.


More openness, less one-sidedness.


More depth, less superficiality.

Empowering Others

More growth, less micromanagement.


More resourcefulness, less waste.