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World Economic Forum

For the past 14 years, we have had the privilege of servicing this prestigious event. WEF is about building community and sharing the diverse experiences of the people it brings together.

Our Supply Partners

Café Weber

A 4th generation, family-owned local bakery in Davos founded in 1903.

Farm Las Sorts

Biohof Las Sorts is one of 50 farms working towards climate-neutral agriculture in Graubünden.

Swiss Lachs

The only salmon producer in Switzerland, supplying salmon for the local market.

Meisser Getränke AG

Meisser Getränke AG is a 2nd Generation family-owned, local beverage supplier that supplies the Davos region and surrounds only.

Monsteiner Brauerei

Founded in 2000 by a former lawyer and hotelier, today Monsteiner produces over 300,000 litres of beer.

Molkerei Davos

Molkerei Davos was founded in 1905 to supply the local Davos population with dairy products.

Adank Davos

3rd Generation family-owned business since the 1900’s focusing exclusively on supplying fresh produce.

Hof Clavadetscher

The Clavadetscher family farm is a 2nd generation, family-owned farm and aims to live and farm in accordance with nature’s diversity.

Hof Hoffmann-Minder

Hof Hoffmann-Minder is an independent family egg farm in Davos.


All excess food during the WEF that usually goes to landfill is collected and offered in a public place for anyone who needs food.

Stäger Wines

A family wine farm. They say that the wines are works of art; they are a symbiosis of climate, soil and have the personality of the family behind them.

Wilhelm’s Likore

At the beginning of 2020, Wilhelm’s Liköre was founded.

Ranch Farsox

Founded in 1967, Ranch Farsox is a 3rd generation family farm producing fresh and smoked trout, sausages, dried meat, organic beef and alpine pig.

Farm Chrummbaum

Farm Chrummbaum is a family run farm producing Wagyu beef. It is run by a mother and two daughters.

Familie Casty

Family Casty is a 2nd generation family farm producing lamb, eggs, pork, biogas and horse pension.

Balloon Coffee

On a continuous journey around the world, a never ending adventure. Exploring different origin countries, discovering new flavours and celebrating coffee!