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Our sustainability story

Sustainability is not only about environmental impact, it is about collaboration, growing a community and doing more with less.

Sustainability isn’t just about reducing our environmental impact, it’s about collaboration, developing a community, and doing more with less. We’re committed to fostering community, encouraging collaboration, and promoting responsible practices.

We believe that sustainability isn’t just a trendy term, but a way of life that benefits everyone. By collaborating and inspiring others to be more socially and environmentally responsible, we can create a better future for ourselves and the planet.


We partner with local suppliers.

From procurement and investigation to the vetting of supply partners according to our multi-tiered system, we are committed to working with businesses that have aligned values.

Our tiered system works based on location;
Tier 1 – local to the event city
Tier 2 – local to event country
Tier 3 – local to neighbouring countries
Tier 4 – local to the continent
Tier 5 – internationally sourced

We want to tell the world about our amazing supply partners. We tell their inspiring stories through the use of short films which guests can access via QR codes or NFC tags.

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Menus and Seasonality

Menus and Seasonality

Our aim is to design all of our menus based on seasonality and we focus on what grows best in the regions that are local to the event. We design our menus to utilise as much of the produce as possible and ensure we are minimising waste by creating dishes made from excess ingredients.

Digital Menus

We not only utilise digital menus to avoid unnecessary paper use but our menus, which are available for all guests through the use of QR codes or NFC tags, detail the carbon emissions of each dish. This ensures that guests are empowered to make educated decisions.


Our aim is to become zero waste, but until we get there we are working to minimise waste wherever possible. We do this by promoting the use of sustainable materials and following a robust waste management system. We take care to formulate a plan relating to rubbish, separation on-site, collection and proper disposal for each event that we are a part of.
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Impacts and Causes

We aim to drive global change with our B1G1 partnership, transforming every event into a chance to do more with less and create a lasting, positive impact.

Badgers Academy, Cape Town

Badgers Football Academy is a non-profit organization located in Cape Town that utilizes the power of football to empower girls and women. The Academy provides a safe and supportive environment where participants can develop their skills, both on and off the field, and improve their social and emotional well-being. With core values of inclusivity, kindness, and respect, we are excited to be able to support such an important initiative.