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Cannes Lions Festival

12 years of sun, sand, and fun servicing the festival of creativity that drives progress.

Our Supply Partners

AJC Primeur

For over 10 years, we have partnered with Anne and her team in Cannes, who deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to local establishments, prioritising local producers while navigating the challenges of the agricultural industry to meet their clients’ needs.


A picturesque organic vineyard sanctuary in Provence, inspiring sustainable winemaking and olive oil production by esteemed winemaker Romain Ott, while embracing eco-friendly practices and fostering biodiversity through collaborations with local enterprises.

Domaine des Claus

Julien Bertaina, from southern France, returned to his winemaking roots in 2008. Transitioning to organic and biodynamic practices, he embodies “lazy intelligence” to achieve exceptional results while collaborating with local establishments, sharing his passion for sustainable winemaking.

Chateau d'Esclans

In the heart of Provence, Le Château D’esclans is Sacha Lichine’s domain, where he pioneered the rosé wine revolution. Crafting world-renowned brands like Whispering Angel, their oak-barrel fermentation produces elegant, complex rosés while empowering the local community through sourcing grapes and fostering sustainable relationships.

Brasserie Nice

A sustainable brewery in the heart of Nice, passionately crafting handcrafted beers using organic local ingredients, delivered via electric cargo bikes, and fostering a close bond with clients through an online store and innovative services.

Les Brasseurs de l'Esterel - Riviera Beer

Crafting locally brewed, high-quality beers with a focus on sustainability, François Woiselle and co-founders deliver delicious ‘made in France’ beverages while supporting the regional community through local distribution and engaging in sports and charity events.

Brulerie Moka

Marseille’s first ethical and immersive coffee experience, offering complex and subtle flavours while promoting sustainability. Through collaboration with local enterprises, they prioritise sourcing locally, organically, and seasonally, while working to improve the lives of coffee workers and local communities.


Pioneers of sustainable marine aquaculture in the Mediterranean, breeding premium sea bass and daurade with a team committed to environmental stewardship and animal welfare. Their conscious methods, including natural cycles, low fish densities, and manual fishing, ensure high-quality, sustainable products.

La ferme des Galinette

An organic poultry farm, driven by the passion for sustainable practices, animal welfare, and exceptional meat quality. Raising slow-growing, fine-meat chickens on a sprawling woodland, they enjoy a luxurious life with a diet rich in insects, aromatic herbs, and homegrown cereals.

Infuse Me

An innovative French and European brand offering cold infusions for gin and tonics and soft drinks. Dehydrated plants, spices, flowers, and fruit in corn fibre cocoon bags provide simplicity and complexity in recreating the perfect cocktail.