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Brulerie Moka

Iris is a coffee lover. Through a decade-long journey across France and Europe, she found the immersive experience of savouring, engaging, and acquiring knowledge about the exquisite black elixir that led to her calling: coffee entrepreneurship.

In 2017, she obtained her roaster diploma in Paris, and a few years later decided to open the very first Brûlerie MÖKA in Marseille. With her cofounder, Iris allows her clients to experience the complex and subtle aspects of the wonders of coffee.

Brûlerie MÖKA was born out of the desire to defend a more ethical and sustainable coffee industry. For this purpose, a part of the coffee that their customers pay for is dedicated to improving the quality of life of workers and local communities where their coffee is sourced. Meanwhile, emphasis is placed on the repurposing and recycling of coffee grounds and silverskin byproducts which follow the roasting process.

Brûlerie MÖKA collaborates with an extensive network of local enterprises in and around Marseille. Whether it is for the milk used, or for the ingredients necessary for the production of their home-made pastries, everything is sourced as far as possible locally, organically, and seasonally.

Brulerie moka