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Infuse Me

Infuse Me is a French and European brand created in 2020. An innovative concept of cold infusions for gin and tonics and soft drinks. Dehydrated plants, spices, flowers and fruit in cocoon bags made from corn fibre, specially designed for cold infusion. The idea is to recreate the complexity of a cocktail with the simplicity of an infusion.

Designed for novices or discerning connoisseurs who want to discover new flavours.
A shot of gin, some tonic, an Infuse Me cocoon and that’s it – in just a few minutes, you’ll have an original, perfectly balanced drink.

The origins of this collection of infusible creations lie in an expatriation to the land of gin: England. After several years making cocktails in the capital’s bars and a growing interest in gin, Chloë came up with a rather original idea: to create cold-infused recipes for Gin Tonic.