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La ferme des Galinette

As a young child, Jean-Bernard Julian developed a passion for poultry and game. Over eight years ago, after a decade in the wine industry, he felt a yearning to reconnect with his childhood passion, and embarked on the creation of his own organic poultry farm.

It was his concern for the environment, animal welfare, and human health that led him to work with a slow-growing breed of chickens known for its fine meat. He raises his chickens on a sprawling expanse of 15.5 hectares of woodland. Going beyond the prerequisites of organic poultry farming, Jean-Bernard ensures his chickens have more than enough space for a luxurious life. The fertile land also gives his chickens a rich diet in insects, worms, and aromatic herbs, strongly influencing their meat quality and flavour. To complement their diet, Jean-Bernard crafts their feed using cereals cultivated on-site, or sourced from a neighbouring farmer.

By raising his chickens on the extensive grounds, and avoiding the use of any toxic products, Jean-Bernard ensures the purity of the groundwater is maintained. Moreover, his commitment to selling within a localised radius ensures a minimal carbon footprint, and nurtures a strong sense of community between La Ferme des Galinettes and his loyal clientele.

La ferme des galinettes