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Les Brasseurs de l'Esterel - Riviera Beer

François Woiselle is one of the founders of Les Brasseurs de l’Esterel – Riviera Beer. Since 2016, the company has been developing locally brewed beers, with a strong focus on bringing to the market a variety of delicious ‘made in France’ beverages. With Lionel Caudron and Maud Patriarca as co-founders, the company focuses on bringing to its customers high-quality products, without compromising on sustainability. They recover their brewing water to save 50% of their water use per year, and repurpose the used grain residue from their brewing to act as fertiliser for local farms.

By delivering from Marseille to Menton, their local distribution supports the regional community; and they regularly engage in local sports or charity events, actively searching for opportunities to share their passion and enthusiasm for the drinks they create.