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Monsteiner Brauerei

Founded in 2000 by a former lawyer and hotelier, today they produce over 300,000 litres of beer.

It all began in the autumn of 2000, when a lawyer, a hotelier, a contractor and a graphic designer founded BierVision Monstein AG. For over 20 years, Monsteiner has been brewing, fermenting, storing and bottling beer.

Nine months after its inception, the brewery began operations in the former village dairy in Monstein. Today, around 300,000 litres of beer are produced annually: from classic light to amber beer, wheat to black beer. The house collection is constantly being expanded and seasonal creations are also developed using local, seasonal produce.

The beer bottles utilised are Monstein’s own returned bottles through their bottle return initiative along with reused bottles from Germany.

Monstein supplies locally, up to 50km away and the water used is sourced directly from the mountains around Monstein.

Monstein supports the local community and the beer labels are designed by a local artist. Monstein is a community orientated business.