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Ranch Farsox

Founded in 1967, Ranch Farsox is a 3rd generation family farm producing fresh and smoked trout, sausages, dried meat, organic beef and alpine pig.

In 1967, Crest Anton built the Farsox farm in Alvaneu Bad with his family. In 1973, the farm was handed to the 2nd generation, Mariann and Gion. In September 1973, the stable burned down and the family spent an entire winter with their cattle on the alp.

The stable was rebuilt and made bigger than before, and this still serves many purposes today.

In 1998, the farm was handed down again and is now in it’s 3rd generation. Ranch Farsox cultivates 23.7 hectares of agricultural land, of which 1 ha are corn, 1 ha of cereals, 10.5 ha are artificial meadows and 9.8 ha are natural meadows with a forest part of it.